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Baba Baidyanath Dham Yatra

Jharkhand, India
4Nights 5Days

Baidyanath Dham


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Day: 1 Depart from Delhi – Deoghar by Rajdhani Express train

There are different trains to Deoghar. Rajdhani express train takes 15 hr to reach Deoghar. The other trains take around 23 hr to reach Deoghar.

Day: 2 Arrive Deoghar and visit Baidyadham Temple

You reach Deoghar and settle in a hotel. Take a rest in the hotel and refresh up. In the evening, you will visit Baidyanath Temple for darshan. The temple is open till 9.00 PM.

Day: 3 Depart to Bodh Gaya and en-route visit Rajgir & Nalanda

In Rajgir, you visit Vishav Shanti Stupa, a Buddhist pilgrim destination. Nichidatsu Fuji was a well-known Buddhist monk from Japan and the initiator of the Nipponzan-Myohoji Buddhist sect. He established a peace pagoda at Rajgir which well known as Vishav Shanti Stupa. A Pagoda is a kind of stupa that offers equal opportunity for devotion and people of the different religion get-together at one place for a universal cause. It is a good example of the oriental style of architecture.

Another place to visit in Rajgir is Griddhakuta Peak, popularly known as the vulture peak. The shape of the peak resembles the shape of vulture that’s why it is famous as a Vulture peak. It is one of the places where Gautama Buddha preached his disciple for many years. It is a small hill where Buddha resided for many years. Griddhakuta peak is a well-known sightseeing destination at an altitude of 400M.

Another place to visit is Son Bhandar in Rajgir. These caves have an unusual feature that the chambers of the caves were polished. These caves bear a resemblance to an early Mauryan rock-cut sanctuary. Son Bhandar means the store of gold. As per traditional stories, there is a hidden treasure in the walls of the caves

Jarasandha Baithal is a big rectangular stone situated close to the Vaibhava Hill. Jarasandha was a famous king in Dvapara Yuga. He fought against the Pandavas in the Mahabharata and killed by Bhim. Jarasandha Baithal is a military outpost having cells which were used as encompassing the living quarters

Nalanda University is famous for science, arts, philosophy, and literature from ancient times. Many learners and travelers who wanted knowledge and wisdom were visited.

Stay in Gaya at night

Day: 4 Stopover at Vishnupad Temple, Mahabodhi temple and other places in Gaya

Gaya has ancient religious relevance. Gaya is the place where Gautam Buddha obtained enlightenment. Apart from this, Gaya is famous for:

Vishnupad Temple: This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The city “Gaya” gets its name after the demon “Gayasur” who had a boon that whosoever seen him get salvation i.e moksha. Due to this, besides his evil acts, people saw him and got salvation. But to keep humanity on the earth, Lord Vishnu appeared and put his right foot on Gayasur’s head and sent it to the netherworld. This footprint imprinted on the rock which is even seen today.

Mahabodhi Temple: This is the Buddhist temple where the Buddha obtained enlightenment. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the oldest brick temples in India. It is located in Bodh Gaya on the bank of Niranjana river

Gayi Ji: Gaya is a ritual place and well-known for pind daan ceremony. The people perform the ritual called Pitrapaksh Tarpan that is a prayer offered for the dead. This prayer brings peace to the soul

Bodhi tree: Bodhi tree is a fig tree under which Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. This tree is related to the path of enlightenment. Here, the prince Siddartha became the Buddha.

Thai Monastery: The Thai Monastery is the only Thai temple in India. The temple is appreciated for its architecture, for meditation and yoga that allure tourist around the world

Day: 5 Return back to home

You will return home from Gaya by rail


      • Hotel accommodation
      • Railway fare from Delhi- Deoghar & Gaya-Delhi
      • Breakfast
      • Transfers by AC vehicles
      • Place To Visit
        1. Gaya Ji ( Place of Pind dan)
        2. Vishnupad Temple
        3. Mahabodhi temple
        4. Bodhi Tree
        5. Thai monastery
        6. Vishva Shanti Satupa
        7. Griddhakuta Peak (the place where Jatayu lived)
        8. SonBhadra Caves
        9. Jarasandh Baithak
        10. Ancient Nalanda University
        11. Baijnath Dham Jyotirlinga

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