I love to travel. From childhood, I liked to explore the different cities. My dream is to travel around the world. While traveling, you meet different people, no, bother of their castes and religion. No, fuss about their culture and faith. You only meet and know about them. You get a chance to familiarize yourself with different castes, religions, and cultures. How amazing it is! The earth becomes so small. All the people get close to each other.

In the fast-growing economy, everything is easy to access. It’s a period of gadgets. All the things will be done with one click. Mobile makes your work easier and faster. If you plan for a holiday trip, just search on the internet and book the tickets online. You can get the best option by comparing with the other options. There is no need to go to an office to office to dig up the best options. You need only the money to avail of any service. But for the middle-class people, it’s not an easy job.

My family belongs to a middle class and we are four brother and sisters. My father is the only earning hand of the family. In school, I had joined the NCC and participate in all their camps and had a trip to different cities in India.

I chummed around the different parts of India and I met with different people from diverse religion from a different part of the country. I savored the different types of food. I can’t express how astounding it was, to taste the different cultural food! How can I convey my experience in words what traveling is for me! Now people call me “Gallivanter” and I amour with this new name.

I mostly traveled around India. Now, I am yearning to travel abroad and a hitch is a budget and the process of visa formalities and all. A middle-class people can’t imagine having an exotic trip. One has to put all his saving for a diminutive trip. My family didn’t allow to spend all the saving just for pleasure.

Last week, I read a brochure of DHAMTRIP in which I got to know about “The Bangkok- Pattaya Trip” in just Rs.6800.00.  What amazing news! I felt out of the world. Isn’t this whopping great!, in Rs.6800.00 you can spend 4 nights 5 days in Bangkok – Pattaya.  I was very delighted and thought now my dream will become true.

When I talked with my family, my father said: “Do you know what the cost of Bangkok- Pattaya trip is?” I was soundless. He told that the cost of Bangkok- Pattaya trip is around Rs.40, 000/-. This is a trickster nothing else. Dhamtrip is just fooling the people. How can one provide Bangkok- Pattaya trip in this amount! First I disappointed, but when I talked to others I came across the truth of Dhamtrip.

DHAMTRIP is a genuine travel agency. I read the reviews of Dhamtrip on Google.  I didn’t find any fishy activity. If they are “Charlatan”, People would give some comments on Google. No one can leave such type of person easily. People should complain or write bad reviews about them.

I decided to visit Dhamtrip. First, my father was very anguish with me, but after my persuasion, resistance, and stubborn behavior, he ready to visit the office of Dhamtrip. When he met Ashokji (Owner), he realized that we were wrong. Ashok Jee was getting all our very carefully and then answered all the questions. He satisfied us regarding each and every term of the trip. He also gave some contact number to whom we could clarify whether Dhamtrip is genuine or not.

When we asked him how they provided such a reasonable trip when the same trip was available at Rs. 30000.00. He answered very confidently that our first motto to provide best services at reasonable rates and expand our network. More and more people connect with us. My margin is very negligible but when it is on a large scale, I will connect to more people and definitely earn better.

He elucidated that he started the business with the spiritual trip and gradually moves to International trips also. This is because of his clear perception to serve others with the best services. Now, we are planning to start the Europe trip also.

He made clear that with the help of its associates and working partners, he brought out this offer. Nothing is hidden in it. You would enjoy all the things mentioned in it. If you liked to avail any extra services, then you have to pay extra for it. Airfare and Air insurance are not included in it.

We have a little bit convinced and my father inquired about Dhamtrip in depth. But he didn’t find any suspicious about them. At last, he agreed to trip to Bangkok- Pattaya.

First World Trip To Bangkok
Bangkok is an awe-inspiring place for holidays! I explored Bangkok and Pattaya on the internet. I got to know that there are numbers of beaches where one can have the benefit of natural beauty that gives a serene and touching environment.  The tourists gratify in sunbathing, beach sports, comforting, and like to have a sip of coconut milk.

The first day we arrived at Bangkok Airport and there was a chauffeur waiting for us. We moved to Pattaya. It took around 2 hour’s journey. We were very excited. In Pattaya, we had check-in the Hotel Tycoon Suite. The hotel was very nice, neat and clean. Our rooms were great. I took the room from where we got a fantastic view. The rooms were very spacey and got all the amenities like Wi-Fi, LED TV, Bathtub, Sofa, Dining Table, refrigerator, etc. We had made round to see the hotel.

The hotel is newly built. It had an Indian restaurant where we enjoyed Indian food, a swimming pool in which we played a lot and the most important thing was that it was near to the market. There was a walking distance to the market of Pattaya. All the arrangements were exceptionally good.

The second day, the tour manager was come and explained that day schedule in the morning. He explicated that after breakfast we move to Coral Island. We got complimentary multi-cuisine breakfast. My mother is very particular about food and she liked the food a lot. The food was really palatable!

The coral island is approximately 7 km away from Pattaya. Subsequent to eating, we inspired an opportunity to ride in a speedboat in Coral Island. Coral Island is popular for the wonderful habitat having coral reefs with white-brilliant sand gives so much alleviating impact. In the speedboat, we appreciated the common excellence of the island and caught these excellent looks into the camera.

There were lots of other activities to do like parasailing, jet ski, hiking, shooting, Banana boat, etc. This was a half-day trip at the coral island. We enjoyed a lot. It was an amazing experience! First time I did the parasailing. It was great to fly like a bird. All the things seemed to be very small from the sky. After that, we did the ride on a banana boat. In starting the boat was slow and suddenly it took the speed. It seemed like we talked with the waves. Our boat cut the waves. It was really a heart-throbbing experience! My heartbeat was so fast even after the ride. They gave us a complimentary lunch also. There were both arrangements of non-veg and veg. There was a separate counter of non-veg. The tour manager told that both veg and non- veg preparation was totally separate. They were very careful that they mustn’t hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. The time passed so fast that we couldn’t notice that it was time to go to the hotel.

There was no specified program in the evening. We planned to see the Tiffany ladyboy Cabaret show. It is a transgender cabaret show that entertains the people from the last 40 years.  It was an incredible show. It is placed on the fourth number for the top ten best shows of the world. Their stage, costumes, lights, and music were wonderful. We hold our breath to see the performances of the ladyboys. Nobody judge about them that they were originally men.

After the show, we relaxed at the hotel. The next morning we had to depart for Bangkok. All the things were made as per schedule. After taking breakfast, we proceeded to Bangkok. We saw two Buddha temples en route to Bangkok. The temples were very serene. The environment was so pleasant and calm; anyone could forget all his worries in this environment. It was a perfect place to meditate. Nobody wanted to move from there as it was so tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. Everybody liked to soothe themselves and spend some time there.

The first time I visited the Buddha Temple and my experience was unforgettable. There I got a chance to know more about Buddha and his philosophy. All the things were etched in my mind.  All the way, we talked about the temples and memorable time spent in Pattaya. At last, we reached Bangkok. We had check-in the Hotel Howard Square. It was also as superb. Here, there was a small gym. My brother was very happy as he continued his exercise here also.

The next day there was no specified schedule. We were free. We woke up late morning and my brother went to a gym. We all were very tired as from the last two days we were traveling. We decided to go shopping. After taking our multi-cuisine complimentary breakfast, my father was talking to the Tour Manager to know where we went for shopping.  How to go there? He suggested boarding on Skytrain and two-three places for shopping.

Bangkok is famous as a shopping paradise. We went to the Grand Palace and strolled nearby areas. We took pleasure on the road of Bangkok. There we had a Thai massage and went to Chatuchak Market and bought many items from there. The market was very reasonable. Thai people were so great. Everybody welcomed us and ready to help.

We planned for Cruise Dinner at night. My father talked to our tour Manager and he organized a trip for us. It was an exclusive event for us. It was a small voyage on the ship and enjoyed the dinner with music, lights and live performances. The dinner was appetizing. There was both veg and non-veg varieties and had separate counters. This arrangement was best for people like my mother who don’t touch non-veg. All the preparations were separate, neat and clean. Before that we were searching veg outlets for her otherwise she took fruits.

The Cruise is open from the top so we could perceive the skyline of Bangkok and its surrounding areas. My younger sister was busy to capture these moments in her camera. She was very engaged in the snap the photos of gorgeous Bangkok. After that, we had transferred to the hotel. We slacken off in the hotel.

The next day we had to depart for India. Our tour manager came to meet us. We all thanked him for such wonderful arrangements!  All the things were as per the itinerary. We might get something extra but not less. We all were very happy especially my father who thanked me for my stubborn behavior to organize the trip.

After reaching India, my father made a call in Dhamtrip and thanked for an exclusive wonderful trip. Now, I and my family suggest Dhamtrip for any travel query. I highly obliged to Dhamtrip who make my dream true. If anybody has a dream to travel abroad, don’t wait and visit Dhamtrip to realize his dream.


Thanks, Dhamtrip for your mind-blowing services. Because of your sincere efforts, middle-class people will have an exotic trip.

I want to confess that I didn’t show my original pics as my family didn’t allow me.


Sushant Mehra, Krishna Nagar, Delhi