Dwarkapuri is an old and ancient city, situated on the north side of Indian in Gujarat. Dwarka word has been made up of two Sanskrit words, “Dwar” and “Ka”, It has a deep meaning. “Dwar” refers to the gate and “ka” refers to heaven. So, its real meaning is a gateway to heaven. According to Indian history, Lord Krishna has killed his uncle at Mathura and then he settled here. Dwarka is also known as “Mokshapuri”. If you also attached to Lord Krishna then definitely you must visit here once.

About The Temple:
According to myth, There are two main gates of the temple: NORTH and SOUTH The north entrance is known as “Moksha Dwara” i.e Door to Salvation and the south entrance is known as “Swarga Dwara” i.e Gate to Heaven.
The 5-story temple has the main deity of Lord Krishna in his dark black looks which is so attractive that the devotees who come to offer prayer experience the presence of the lord in the temple. The other holy places inside the temple are committed to Subhadra, Balrama, Revathy, Sathyabhama Devi, Rukhmani Devi, Jambayathi Devi, Vasudeva, and Devaki.

How Can We Reach DWARKAPURI?
Dwarkapuri is well connected with all means of transport. Jamnagar Airport is only 45 kilometers far from Dwarkapuri. Road transports are also well connected to this place. Dwarka and Okha railway stations are the nearest railway stations to this place.

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