Religious Places

Religion is the beliefs, views and cultural atmosphere of people that connect to humanity. People follow different types of religion such as Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist. 
Each religion has its own methodology, symbols, and holy history. They have their own values and restrictions which to be followed by the followers and disciples. The values help to derive ethics, religious laws, morality, and preferred lifestyle to live a good life.

The motivations behind the act of a religion are to accomplish the objectives of salvation for oneself as well as other people, and (if there is a God) to render due love and acquiescence to God. Various religions have various understandings of salvation and God.

The act of religion is useful for people, families, states, and the country. It improves wellbeing, learning, financial prosperity, restraint, confidence, and sympathy.

In India, people believe in different gods and goddesses such as Lord Shiva, Lord  Krishna, Goddess Durga, Goddess Laxmi. 

Gujrat: Dwarkadhish Is the most famous holy place in Gujarat. Dwarkadhish is the famous temple of Lord Krishna. Dwarka is one of the four most significant pioneer places. It is likewise a significant authentic landmark. The engineering of the old Dwarka of Shri Krishna is lofty and magnificent.

Maharashtra: Sri Siddhivinayak Temple, 3 Jyotirlinga Yatra, Shirdi and many more spiritual places are in Maharashtra. There are different shrines of different gods and goddesses.
Bihar: Gaya is the holiest place in Bihar. Gaya is famous for Pind Daan on the bank of Phalgu river. Pind Daan is the after death rituals performed by Hindus.

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra: Mt. Kailash is in China, famous as the home of Lord Shiva. Every year from June to September, hundreds of pilgrims visit eyewitness the holy shrine.