Baidyanath Dham

Baidyanath Dham is also known as Baba Baidyanath Dham. It is about 12 jyotirlingas in our India and Baidyanath is one of them. Ravana has sacrificed his ten heads to Lord Shiva as a sacrifice. Pleased with this, Lord Shiva has come down to cure Ravana because he was injured. Shiva acted as a doctor, so he has been called vaidya (“doctor”). From this aspect of Shiva, this temple got its name as Baidyanath Dham.  

According to WIKIPEDIA, Hindu beliefs, the demon king Ravana worshipped Shiva at the current site of the temple to get the boons that he later used to wreak havoc in the world. Ravana offered his ten heads one after another to Shiva as a sacrifice. Pleased with this, Shiva descended to cure Ravana who was injured. As he acted as a doctor, he is referred to as Vaidhya ("DOCTOR"). From this aspect of Shiva, the temple derives its name.

How Can We Reach Here
Railway: Baidyanath Dham Railway is very nearest (0.5KM) away from the temple. Jasidih junction is another railway station 7 km away from Deoghar and it lies on the Delhi-Howrah route.

By Air: Loknayak Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport(Patna) is the nearest airport available from Deoghar.

By Road: Regular bus services ply to and fro the city of Deoghar. They operate on a daily basis, through a well-connected roadways network, whether day or night, from places like Patna, Ranchi, etc.

What is Famous Here
Baidya Nath Dham (Deoghar), is famous for the Mela of Shrawan in the 4th month according to the Hindu calendar system. Almost 7 to 8 million devotees come from various part of India bringing holy water from various areas of Ganges at Sultanganj, which is almost 108 km from Deoghar, in order to offer it to Lord Shiva during the Shrawan Mela. Aloo Parantha, Aloo/Sattoo Parantha, Rabri and the sweets “PEDA” is very much famous in Deoghar.

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